Gro Fund Me | Land Procurement Initiative for the Probiotic Farming Alliance

Gro-Kashi | Gro-Fund-Me

GRO-KASHI is based upon an ancient fermentation concept (Bokashi and Garden Dregs) utilized in all cultures. Learn more about this ancestral fermentation techniques used by humans for healing and connecting to nature. These fermented liquids (Kvass, Kombucha, Beer, Wine, Mead, etc.) have provided essential enzymes and antioxidants for human survival for thousands of years. The leftovers, called the dregs, became drugs for humans as well as a specialty fertilizer for the garden.

These brews contain high amounts of probiotics which would preserve foods for long periods of time and deliver immense amounts of nutrition. The bacteria and fungi, which digested and fermented the foods, added additional metabolites and enzymes that made the end product better than it started! Preserved foods would easily last throughout the cold winters while strengthening the body. The beneficial microorganisms living in these brews were used outside in the garden soil at the start of the new harvest season to revive the soil.

GRO-KASHI is a fully-loaded battle chest for nature’s superheroes to create life in the harshest climates. Send your microorganisms into battle equipped with the finest minerals and nutrients made bio-available by a fine-tuned fermentation process. These grains have been fermented with probiotics (beneficial bacteria/fungi), essential minerals, vitamins, prebiotics, and the focused intention for creating life. Being brewed in consortia means that these probiotics successfully work together and speak a common language. Most probiotics products today are simply lab-made microbes powders which are ill-equipped for long-term survival.

The goal of this project is to locate distressed and toxic land such as old dairies that perhaps exposed the ground to chemicals and use bio-remediation to heal the land with Effective Micro-organisms and Pro-biotic growing methods.